Sunday, May 25, 2008

love this song...

Cannot fall, never do regret
Know just what is being said
know the risk you take
Keep your head above it all
Sure you can fall
but not now you gotta prove
something new, being you, being you

Can't feel, keep from asking why
be the strongest at goodbyes
know your place in life
now expand your wings and fly
it reaches high but not,
enough you seem to me
so incomplete, swept off your feet

And let me tell you they will always pull you down
Before you know it they will take your smile and push you around
They will fight and struggle
to blur and trouble
your sense of solid ground

Cannot know, lose your self-control
be and angel over all
know your secret way
laugh at everything they say
Will you remain the same?
And now you dare not see
what`s letting go
inside of me,is it me?

And they will always�

Keep your head above it all, sure you can fall
but not now you gotta prove
And they will always pull you down
Before you know it they will take your smile and push you around
They will haunt your every dream
they will make you come undone at the seams
And they will fight and struggle
to blur and trouble
your sense of solid ground?

Keep your head above it all
Sure you can fall
but not now you gotta prove
Something new, being you, being you

tulisan membabun buta...

through the 1st week in msu i've learned that no matter where you are you see that people are just the same....there are these certain type of people that reminds you of the people you already know....there's the loud annoying ones, the geeks,the socially challenged,the "gedix",the " i act like i know everything" ones and etc....and sometimes they even look the same....

for me i think its kindda funny....its like getting to know the same bunch of people all over again...reflecting back on my days as a student in school i guess i really miss how things was...there are a lot of things i wish i would have done differently...i have my regrets...but i guess you learn from your mistakes...

and now a new chapter of my life had just began hopefully i will make the right the plots in our lives unfold you is like learning to ride a WILL fall....its how you get back on...and once you can paddle around the neighborhood all the pain will be do the best you can and hope for the best....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

time to reflect....

As human beings we cannot escape from getting older...and with age comes responsibility....and lately i have come to realize that age only makes you older bur wont make you any more mature than where you are right now.....anybody can be 50 years old...but not anybody have the capacity to carry the burden that comes with makes me appreciate the sacrifice of our is not easy...its not supposed is about overcoming challenges and surviving....

tetiba plak aku berfalsafah....but this is what have been on my mind for days , so im writing this down to remind myself....

Saturday, May 17, 2008


bYe2 to all my uniten friends..........till we meet again

Thursday, May 15, 2008

the real reason why i watch chuck....heheheh

HOT......!drooling~~~~~~~~~~~~~ arrghghghghghghgh


From executive producer, Josh Schwartz ("The O.C.") and executive producer-director McG ("Charlie's Angels," "We Are Marshall") comes a one-hour, action-comedy series about Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi, "Less Than Perfect") -- a computer geek who is catapulted into a new career as the government's most vital secret agent. When Chuck opens an e-mail subliminally encoded with government secrets, he unwittingly downloads an entire server of sensitive data into his brain. Now, the fate of the world lies in the unlikely hands of a guy who works at a Buy More Electronics store. Instead of fighting computer viruses, he must now confront assassins and international terrorists.

With the government's most precious secrets in Chuck's head, Major John Casey of the National Security Agency (Adam Baldwin, "My Bodyguard") assumes the responsibility of protecting him. His partner is the CIA's top agent (and Chuck's first date in years), Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strzechowski, "Gone"). They'll try to keep him safe by trading in his pocket protector for a bulletproof vest. Also starring are Joshua Gomez ("Without a Trace") as Morgan, Chuck's best buddy, and Sarah Lancaster ("What About Brian?") as Chuck's ever-supportive sister, Ellie. Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak wrote, "Chuck," which is produced by College Hill Pictures, Wonderland Sound and Vision, in association with Warner Bros. Television.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


we are the champions my friend.....hauuahuah

Friday, May 9, 2008

Karpal " Api " Singh....wheel chair bandit...

So "they" said that Karpal "api" Singh was disrespectful of the malay sultans...and filed a police report againts him.....what about the two EX menteri "perut" besar who disrespected our sultans...????why dont the goverment take the same actions againts them.....bila orang melayu sendiri hina sultan diam je....bila si kapal api ni silap skit dah kecuh nak perjuang kesultanan melayu....(konon)........omg do they think us malaysians are that stupid..???
please stop the drama of membela nasib melayu,ketuanan melayu crap.....kalau dah merempit je keje macam mana nak jadi tuan????bodoh jugak bangsa aku ni kadang2....cakap nak kecoh nak menang je keje...tapi malas tau nak melepak je....tau nak bg menantu kaya je...kalau mcm ni perangai macam mana org lain nak hormat ketuanan melayu...????tolong la x bodoh sangat.... ....aku tgk la kan...the ones who always play the racial issue have always been UMMMM NOOOOO............ISA please dont tangkap me.....I only write how i feel about the current issues....