Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jariku Berterabur...

last week, masa men futsal aku pon sepak la bola....sepak2 jer.. crack~~!!!!! adoooii~~!!!! omg~!!! arrghhh~~!!!! ibu  jari kaki aku berbunyi.....sangat la sedap....aku tak tau la jari aku ni jd apa...tapi bengkak gile...pastu walaupun da seminggu masih bengkak lagi tp da surut skit ah...pastu kalo tekan je jari aku ni mmg aku akan melompat ah...coz still sakit kot...adoyai....madah berfutsal la katakan....haiyooooo

Happy New Year 2009...Wohooow~~!!!

Happy New Year people.....may 2009 be an excelent year for all of us...cheers~!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bush gets his WMD

He finally gets his WMD....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chuck Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Chuck Versus the First Date

Original Air Date—29 September 2008
Team Chuck recovers some equipment. They're told it's the last component for the new Intersect, which will be brought on line. Chuck is relieved at the prospect of returning to a normal life and asks Sarah out. Meanwhile Casey receives orders that cause some inner conflict.

Season 2, Episode 2: Chuck Versus the Seduction

Original Air Date—6 October 2008
The team finds out the real part for the Intersect has been stolen. The team tracks down a legendary agent, who has had experience dealing with female spies. Chuck must learn the art of seduction.

Season 2, Episode 3: Chuck Versus the Break-Up

Original Air Date—13 October 2008
Fulcrum has intercepted an update for the new Intersect. The chip has data that could expose Team Chuck. Bryce and Sarah must pose as a married couple to get the chip back. Chuck's jealousy causes some problems, but Sarah's decisions endanger the mission, and forces Chuck to make some decisions of his own. Meanwhile the Buy More crew must deal with bullies from a sports store.

Season 2, Episode 4: Chuck Versus the Cougars

Original Air Date—20 October 2008
A person from Sarah's past recognizes her, Sarah tries her best to avoid her, but Chuck gets a flash. Now Sarah has no choice but to go to her High School Reunion.

Season 2, Episode 5: Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer

Original Air Date—27 October 2008
Chuck flashes on a person at the Buy More, he's a nuclear terrorist looking for Jeff. Chuck hangs out with Jeff to discover why he's being targeted. The team will need Jeff's help prevent a nuclear attack.

Season 2, Episode 6: Chuck Versus the Ex

Original Air Date—10 November 2008
Chuck goes to a corporate office and encounters his ex-girlfriend, Jill. He tries to avoid her but they catch up. Later he gets a flash on one of Jill's associates. Now he must reconnect with Jill to determine her involvement. The Buy More crew must pass CPR certification.

Season 2, Episode 7: Chuck Versus the Fat Lady

Original Air Date—17 November 2008
General Beckman finds intelligence that suggests Guy had a list of Fulcrum Agents. She orders the team to find the list. This causes some problems when Chuck tries to rekindle his romance with Jill. When Jill is endangered, Chuck is forced to make some difficult decisions, and the team is not prepared for what comes next.

Season 2, Episode 8: Chuck Versus the Gravitron

Original Air Date—24 November 2008
Casey and Sarah discover Jill's secret and race to warn Chuck. Now the team tries to lay a trap for Jill, but Jill's not alone. Chuck will find out more about their break up, and he'll have to decide if they should try to rekindle their romance.

Season 2, Episode 9: Chuck Versus the Sensei

Original Air Date—1 December 2008

Season 2, Episode 10: Chuck Versus the DeLorean

Original Air Date—8 December 2008

Season 2, Episode 11: Chuck Versus Santa Claus

Original Air Date—15 December 2008

Next US airings:
Mon. Dec. 158:00 PMNBC

Season 2, Episode 12: Chuck Versus the Best Friend

Season 2, Episode 13: Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

Malaysia Humiliated Again( and again and again and again)

And this time its Thailand's turn to humiliate us. Yesterdays game was absolutely rubbish. I cant believe I've spent 90 minutes seeing us getting trashed by Thailand. It was men against boys affair and we were outplayed and out muscled by the Thais. As among the last few supporter of
' Malaysian football ' I am losing my patience with our team.

So I have ' formulated ' a strategy to save us ;

1. NO politicians should be in in FAM(leave football to footballers).
2. NO ' sultans' should be in FAM(we dont need drama in football).
3. Turn football in Malaysia into a business.
4. ALLOW foreign players in our league.
5. Encourage players to play abroad.
6. Set up football academys all over the country.
7. Better league format.
8. Better pitch.
9. Better facilities.

FAM if you really care about our football please buck up and for once listen to the fans and stop listening to the politicians. Until FAM is free from politicians and sultans we will never improve. You can bet your life on that.

Baju nak cantik, iklan nak mahal, rambut nak gaya, main macam beruk...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Menggu yang Memenatkan...

Minggu ni aku amat sibuk dengan assignment , presentation dan flirtation...wakakak...
Akhirnya ptg tadi siap lah semua tugasan aku...
So aku nak rilek puas2 esok...Pastu focus on mid term...
gud luck to me~~!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Laila's Lounge

Laila's Lounge,from JB,Johore

Semua yang jadi tanda tanya
Buat hatiku tak keruan
Dia wajah yang berkeliaran
Aku, kudamba kehadirannya

Oh mawar khayalan
Bawaku terbang tinggi
Jauh rentasan awan
Dari duniaku yang hampa

Seluas laut yang terbentang
Dan buihnya terapung di awangan
Derita, dunia yang mencengkam
Cuba untuk aku bertahan

Semua yang jadi tanda tanya
Buat hatiku tak keruan..
Oh mawar khayalan
Bawaku terbang tinggi
Jauh rentasan awan
Dari duniaku yang hampa..
Kecewa tak bermakna..
Semua..hanyalah tipu daya..
Modenisasi hanya..

Semua yang jadi tanda tanya
Buat hatiku tak keruan
Dia oh wajah yang berkeliaran
Aku, kudamba kehadirannya..

Oh mawar khayalan
Bawaku terbang tinggi
Jauh rentasan awan
Dari duniaku yang hampa
Kecewa tak bermakna
Semua hanyalah tipu daya
Modenisasi hanya..
Untuk haiwan di rimba..
Globalisasi cuma..
Jadi tuan si hamba..
Ooo monarki untuk apa..
Badut-badut istana..
Oh mawar khayalan