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Ceramah Krisis Politik Perak

Ceramah Krisis Politik Perak

Tarikh: 14 Febuari 2009
Tempat: Dewan Bola Tampar Seksyen 19 Shah Alam

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Mana Palace of Justice ni ah..????

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Chuck Versus the Third Dimension

chuck episode 12 Chuck Versus the Third Dimension 
will air today...and yes its in 3D...
Too bad we cant get those 3D glasses here in Malaysia...Cant wait~!!!

Chuck has to protect rock star Tyler Martin, while Morgan wins two backstage passes to Martin's concert, so he needs to decide who will become his "plus one

United 1 - Everton 0

Yeay~!!! Ronaldo scored the penalty....

Sathianathan and Chin Aun sacked for national team’s failings

Sathianathan and Chin Aun sacked for national team’s failings

PETALING JAYA: The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) have made B. Sathianathan and Datuk Soh Chin Aun the scapegoats for the national team’s failings, sacking the duo as coach and manager respectively. 

FAM vice-president Datuk Gulzar Mohd Nor has been appointed team manager while the new national coach would be named soon. 

These decisions were made at FAM’s executive committee meeting, which was chaired by president Sultan Ahmad Shah, at Wisma FAM in Kelana Jaya yesterday. 

It was, however, not certain on what grounds Sathianathan and Chin Aun were sacked. 

Out: Soh Chin Aun(in black) was sacked as the national team manager Sunday.
Was it for the national team’s 5-0 mauling by the United Arab Emirates in their Asian Cup qualifying match on Jan 21? 

Or was it for Sathianathan’s now infamous “the M-League is not football” outburst moments after that defeat? 

Or was it for revealing that only three players had passed the fitness test after having had barely five days to prepare for the UAE match? 

“It is overall,” was their answer. As FAM deputy president Datuk Redzuan Tan Sri Sheikh Ahmad said at the press conference: “There are conditions in the clause to terminate the coach’s contract if the performance of the national team is not up to the mark.” 

Sathianathan and Chin Aun, though unhappy with the decision, accepted it anyway. 

“Well, what can I do ... I accept the decision but it does not solve anything,” said Sathianathan, who said he would call for a press conference in a few days’ time to set the record straight. 

It’s surprising that FAM have sacked Sathianathan, given that they had just extended his contract to November. 

Chin Aun, a household name in Malaysian football, took the decision in his stride, saying: “I did nothing to earn this wrath. Anyway, it is nothing to me.” 

Chin Aun certainly has a case. 

He was only supposed to be the assistant manager for both the national team and the Under-23 squad. 

The FAM had appointed Khairy Jamaluddin as national team manager. 

As Khairy was busy with his political duties, Chin Aun was told to accompany the team to overseas stints and for tournaments on behalf of Khairy. 

When asked why was the “towkay” of Malaysian football made the fall guy, Redzuan replied: “The majority wanted new blood.” 

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The sacking of B. Sathianathan is not a suprise for me.After B. Sathianathan's comments of the M-League he is out for sure. The main issue is here will sacking him improve the quality of our football...??? The answer is NO.  Sultan Ahmad Shah is the one who should quit. Ever since he was appointed as the president(25 years ago if my facts are right) our football went downhill. With all due respect.....HAVE SOME DIGNITY AND QUIT...